The Pros And Cons Of Temp-To-Hire

The Pros And Cons Of Temp-To-Hire

When your company needs new employees, you don’t always want to commit to a direct-hire staffing strategy, especially if you aren’t sure you’ll need the personnel permanently. Instead, temp-to-hire may be a better staffing option to get you the talent you need without long-term commitment. Temp-to-hire strategies are provided by staffing agencies as a way to find companies the highly-skilled staff they need without the need to hire these candidates as permanent employees. This strategy offers employers all of the benefits of working with a staffing agency without the need to immediately decide if they need a permanent employee. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of temp-to-hire staffing before committing to this staffing solution to ensure it’s right for your business.

Pros Of Temp-To-Hire

Since temp-to-hire team members are on a temporary contract with the option of becoming permanent workers, you can choose to keep a worker or not renew their contract based on workload. If your company needs extra workers for a project but you’re not sure if you’ll need the extra staff after the project is completed, you are under no obligation to renew the contract. But if your company gets another project or if business is booming, you can switch the employee from contract to permanent and not have to worry about hiring and training someone new.

Qualified Candidates
When you work through a staffing agency to find a temp-to-hire employee, any selected candidates have already been pre-screened and have all the necessary qualifications. Staffing agencies match candidates and employers based on more than just qualifications; they consider what roles your company needs filled, any skill gaps your team might have, and an alignment of company and worker values to ensure that your temp-to-hire employee is the right fit for the position.

Allows For Assessment
Because they are contract employees, your business will be able to watch the temp-to-hire candidate in action and assess their performance. If for any reason you think a candidate is not the right fit for your company after watching them work and seeing how they fit in with your team, you do not need to extend their contract. By having time to see their performance in action, you can decide if a worker is actually cut out to be a permanent employee with your company.

Cons Of Temp-To-Hire

Candidates Can Choose Not To Renew Their Contract
The employer gets a choice as to whether or not they want to renew the contract, but so does the employee. If an employer needs staff or if they think the contract employee would be a great permanent asset, the employee may still choose to not stay with the company. If a better offer comes up or if the employee thinks the work culture doesn’t suit them, they may choose not to renew their contract and the employer will need to seek another qualified candidate.

Lack Of Team Bonding
When temp-to-hire workers are brought in for short contracts or do not become permanent employees, they do not always have time to bond with the team and other members of staff may not warm up to them if they think the new contract employee is only temporary. Of course, this will depend on the staff members as well as the length of the contract for the temp-to-hire employee.

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