Job Seekers: How A Temp-To-Hire Position Can Lead To A Fulfilling Career

Job Seekers: How A Temp-To-Hire Position Can Lead To A Fulfilling Career

When a person enters into a temp-to-hire contract, they are initially on a temporary contract and once the contract is completed, the employer may opt to offer permanent employment. Temp-to-hire positions offer a trial run for both the employer and the employee to ensure that the partnership is a good match for both parties. Although some candidates worry that temp-to-hire positions will stall their career progression, the unique opportunities offered by temp-to-hire positions are actually an effective tool for career growth. Whether you stay as a permanent employee or your contract terminates, temp-to-hire roles allow for great professional development and opportunities that benefit your career.

The Career Benefits Of Temp-To-Hire

Permanent Position Options
Temp-to-hire work can be a sort of trial run as you seek permanent employment. It can end with the completion of the initial contract or result in a permanent position if you and the employer are interested in continuing to work together. This gives candidates a good opportunity to find permanent employment that they thoroughly enjoy. Because you work on a temporary contract first, you have the freedom to leave at the completion of your contract if the position was not right for you. If the work is satisfying and the company is a good fit, you can negotiate a permanent role. This relieves the pressure some candidates may feel with direct-hire positions.

Showcase Your Skills
Because you will start out on a contract, you have a limited amount of time to show that you are a valuable team member. Take advantage of your initial contract by demonstrating your skills and becoming part of the team. Be efficient and do great work in a timely manner to show that you’re a valuable asset to the company. This demonstration of work ethic and seamless integration will make it easy for an employer to see your worth and keep you as a permanent employee.

Even if you don’t remain with the company, every temporary position allows you to network and learn about other opportunities. Getting to know your team members can potentially open doors for you in the future. Even if you don’t stay with this company, you can learn about career opportunities from people in your network, whether this is another position elsewhere, a learning opportunity that can increase your qualifications, or even information about other sectors you are interested in. Being memorable and developing relationships with co-workers and supervisors can help you later in your career.

Even if your temp-to-hire position doesn’t lead to permanent employment, there is still a lot to learn from temporary work. While under a temporary contract, take the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience, and develop as a professional and as a person. If you’re not satisfied with the position for any reason, determine exactly why so you can find a better opportunity after this one. And if you are satisfied with this position and want to become a permanent employee, show a willingness to learn and adapt to the company and its company culture.

Improve Your Career With A Temp-To-Hire Position

Job seekers should consider a temp-to-hire position whether they are looking for a permanent position or for an opportunity to grow their skills and network to expand their future career opportunities. Temp-to-hire positions are an important part of many industries including construction, oil & gas, maritime, safety, and the renewable energy sector. Wide Effect Talent Solutions has over 60 years of staffing experience and our team will expertly connect you with an employer who will match your values and help you expand your career. To contact Wide Effect and expand your career, call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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