The Difference Between Temp-To-Hire And Contingent Workers

The Difference Between Temp-To-Hire And Contingent Workers

If your company is expanding, when you are trying to get ahead of the competition, if you’ve had staffing changes after your last project, or if the labor shortage has affected your workforce, you need to find effective staffing solutions. Hiring the right new employees is crucial to your business, as your workforce is the backbone of your success. In order to find the right staff and set up your company for a successful project, you need to plan a staffing strategy around projected growth while addressing any skill gaps to learn what roles need to be filled and by whom. Depending on your goals for hiring there are options. Explore the differences between temp-to-hire and contingent workforce solutions to determine which is best for your business.

Temp-To-Hire And Contingent Workforce: Which Is Better?

Temp-to-hire employees are individuals who are hired on a temporary basis with the potential to become permanent employees. This option is often used when a company needs to fill a position quickly but wants to observe the performance of the employee before making a long-term commitment. The company can use this time to determine whether the individual is a good fit for the role and the organization as a whole. This is one of the greatest benefits of a temp-to-hire staffing solution: companies are able to evaluate the performance of an employee before making a long-term commitment. It also allows the employee to see if they like the company and the role before signing on as a permanent hire. This temp-to-hire solution is also a great motivator to encourage optimal performance by the employee and the employer, both.

Contingent Workforce
Contingent workforce employees are individuals who are hired for a specific period of time to complete a specific project. This option is often used when a company needs to bring in additional expertise or support for a short-term project or when a company does not have the budget to hire a permanent employee. This option is ideal for companies that have a specific project that needs to be completed quickly and efficiently. Contingent employees are often highly skilled and experienced professionals who can bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to a company but they typically do not receive benefits.

Partner With Wide Effect For Customized Staffing Solutions

Temp-to-hire and contingent employees each have their own unique advantages. Temp-to-hire employees provide companies with the opportunity to evaluate the performance of an employee before making a long-term commitment, while contingent employees bring specialized expertise and support to companies on a short-term basis. 

Understanding the difference between these two options can help you make the most informed hiring decision for your organization and ensure that you find the right talent resources to help you achieve your goals. Building a strong workforce through calculated decision-making and strategic staffing increases your company’s ability to work efficiently, reliably, and affordably. Partnering with Wide Effect gives you the resources and experienced staffing team you need for effective staffing solutions. Whether your company benefits from temp-to-hire, contingent workforce solutions, or direct-hire employees or even a combination of all depending on seasonal and project flow requirements, Wide Effect can match you with the right candidates. To partner with Wide Effect and begin to build strategic staffing solutions, call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.


When deciding between temp-to-hire and contract employees, factors to consider include the length of the project or need for the position, the budget and resources available for hiring, the level of expertise and skills required for the role, and the goals and priorities of the company. Careful consideration of these factors can help ensure that you make the best hiring decision for your organization.

Wide Effect has a growing proprietary database of more than 1.5 million candidates. We have premium partnerships and subscriptions that give us access to another 20+ million members of the Construction, Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Safety workforce. We have a formula for strategic networking with the industry's top players. Wide Effect seeks candidates through local, regional, and national advertising campaigns and we host our own Career Opportunity website.

Wide Effects staffing solutions can attract top-quality, forward-thinking candidates that can help your company meet and exceed its goals. As the construction industry progresses and becomes more advanced, new talent will be needed to accommodate for changes in the field. Wide Effect can help you stay ahead of the curve with construction staffing in every area of your business.

A Better Way to Recruit

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