5 Best Construction Staffing Strategies

5 Best Construction Staffing Strategies

When your company is short-staffed, you need to hire reliable employees that fit the specific needs of your company. Using effective constructing staffing strategies will help your business recruit, hire, and retain team members who meet your needs and fill in skill gaps on your team. In order to recruit ideal candidates, you need a clear strategy that outlines what qualifications your workforce and you need to specify how this new team member will contribute to your company both short and long term. Here are some construction staffing strategies that will help you find the perfect team members for temp-to-hire or direct-hire positions.

Construction Staffing Strategies

  1. Plan Ahead
    Workflow is not always steady, so before you hire new employees, check that your company will have sufficient work to keep everyone productive. If you need an employee to fill a role but you’re unsure if this role will continue after your project is completed, you can use a temp-to-hire strategy. This form of staffing allows you to hire a temporary worker with the option of keeping them on permanently after the initial contract expires or not renewing the contract. This way, you can have them as a temporary employee or a permanent employee depending on the workload you have once the initial project is complete.
  2. Determine What You are Looking For In A Candidate
    When you create the job description, you should also consider the type of employee you want. Other than their qualifications, consider what they need to value, what their career goals are, and how they can fill gaps in your staff. For example, consider if you want an employee who is a leader versus someone who works well in a team. Or perhaps you want an employee who is knowledgeable in environmentally friendly practices. Or maybe the perfect employee is a recent graduate full of fresh ideas. Consider what aspects you are looking for in your new staff members so you can get the best possible fit.
  3. Create A Detailed Job Description
    To get the right applicants for the job, you need to ensure the job description outlines the role accurately and compellingly. Make sure you include a description of the job, the skills required of candidates, and the perks of working for your company. You want your job posting to be honest and detailed so that candidates know they are right for the role and so your company gets the most qualified candidates. A construction staffing agency can work with you to help you come up with a good job description.
  4. Recruit
    Recruiting using a basic, online job application website may get eyes on your job posting, but it will attract many unqualified candidates and increase the number of resumes your company needs to sift through. Instead, recruiting through a staffing agency will give you a larger pool of qualified candidates. This allows you to find the best of the best, instead of spending valuable time on candidates without the right qualifications.
  5. Use A Construction Staffing Company
    Hiring with the help of professionals simplifies the entire process. A construction staffing company will work with your business to determine not only what qualifications your business needs to build a solid team, but also what values and soft skills are compatible with the company. This sets your company up for success by finding dedicated employees who give their full effort for years to come.

Construction Staffing Solutions From Wide Effect

Developing construction staffing solutions on your own can take monumental effort without adequate payoff. When your business partners with the right construction staffing company, you can easily find qualified candidates that suit your staffing needs. With over 60 years of success, Wide Effect has placed highly qualified candidates with companies across all 50 States and around the globe. Our construction staffing services find candidates who fill the gap in your company and add invaluable experience and skills to your construction team. To partner with Wide Effect and start building a stronger workforce, call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.


Partnering with Wide Effect gives you the tools to hire skilled workers who are committed to your company. Our highly experienced recruiters will source qualified workers from our extensive network of construction professionals to find the right candidates for your business. Learn more about staffing strategies by reading Staffing Agency Advice: Strategies To Help Your Company Overcome Construction Labor Shortages.

Wide Effect has a growing proprietary database of more than 1.5 million candidates. We have premium partnerships and subscriptions that give us access to another 20+ million members of the Construction, Marine, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Safety workforce. We have a formula for strategic networking with the industry's top players. Wide Effect seeks candidates through local, regional, and national advertising campaigns and we host our own Career Opportunity website.

Wide Effect has recruiters on the ground in all 50 states with access to a nation-wide database of top-level construction talent. No matter where your company is based in the US or around the world, Wide Effect can find construction professionals to build your workforce. Wide Effect also offers EOR services outside of the US to help companies expand globally.

A Better Way to Recruit

Are you experiencing productivity challenges, skill gaps in your workforce, or do you need a short-term placement? Don't waste your time and money navigating these alone. We bring the process, experience, and placement successes you need to make your labor force concerns a thing of the past. Call us at 1 (833) 493-5627 or use the contact form to discuss your personalized staffing solution.

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