Staffing Agency Advice: Strategies To Help Your Company Overcome Construction Labor Shortages

Staffing Agency Advice: Strategies To Help Your Company Overcome Construction Labor Shortages

As the labor sector sees many people retiring, leaving work to be with their families, fewer young people joining construction, and an increase in the demand for labor, the staffing crisis continues. Labor shortages are affecting all US construction companies, increasing competition to hire skilled and qualified workers. In this competitive landscape, your business needs every advantage possible to not only interest candidates, but to attract and retain top-quality workers. This might mean making some changes within your business, but it also involves savvy hiring strategies that give you an advantage over your competitors. It could also mean working with a staffing agency to implement the most effective tactics to strengthen your workforce.

Staffing Agency Advice: How To Attract Candidates

Offer More Than Your Competitors
When employees are seeking work, they are looking for more than just an interesting job they are well suited for. Workers want to get the best deal possible to improve their work life and personal life. Facilitating a healthy work environment where workers feel valued both through their treatment and their financial compensation is a vital strategy for retaining workers. This might mean increased wages, but it can also mean good health benefits, a flexible schedule, or other perks. Some construction jobs that require long hours have a fitness center and showers. Some companies offer yearly bonuses. Some businesses offer family health coverage that includes optical and dental. What your company can offer will vary based on your budget, resources, and more, but adding perks or incentives will make your company more attractive over the next.

Use Alternate Hiring Methods
When searching for candidates, you have more options than just advertising available positions on job posting websites. If your company can take interns or apprenticeships, you can offer these positions to both help train more workers and to keep these workers on once they have completed their program. Partnering with a staffing agency is another way to get creative with your hiring methods. A staffing agency lets you take advantage of various forms of hiring, including direct-hire and temp-to-hire. When using direct-hire, once a candidate is selected to fill a position and has successfully completed the interview process, they are hired by the employer. The candidate becomes an official permanent employee of the company instead of being employed through the staffing agency. With temp-to-hire, a temporary worker who initially is employed through the staffing agency is then permanently hired by the employer. This is a good way to ensure that the candidate is the right match for the company. Using a staffing agency is more reliable and takes fewer resources than hiring independently.

Tap Into A Network
To help overcome the labor shortage, your company may want to reach out to other sectors and try to get workers who may not have otherwise considered switching industries. Since there is a surprising amount of similarities between some construction sectors, this is a logical step that many people don’t consider. But this also means attempting to network in other sectors where your company might not have many connections. By partnering with a staffing agency, you gain access to an already established network. This boosts your reputation within other sectors and gives you access to qualified candidates who otherwise may not have considered your company or even your sector.

Partner With A Staffing Agency For Labor Solutions

When hiring construction candidates during a labor shortage, partnering with a professional staffing agency is a great way to get ahead of your competition. With over 60 years of experience, Wide Effect has developed a blueprint for successful placement across various industries and has helped companies build reliable and dedicated workforces. When you partner with Wide Effect, you gain access to our network of pre screened and approved candidates to quickly fill positions with reliable workers. To partner with Wide Effect and leverage the invaluable benefits a professional staffing agency has to offer, contact Wide Effect at 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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