Should You Consider A Recent Graduate For Your Direct-Hire Position?

Should You Consider A Recent Graduate For Your Direct-Hire Position?

When looking for direct-hire staff, some companies will overlook recent graduates for more experienced workers. While experience is a great asset, recent graduates also offer their own benefits. As many workers now start to retire, it will be increasingly difficult for employees to find workers with the same extensive experience. Instead, employers need to embrace change and start preparing the next generation of workers by using recent graduates to their benefit. When a direct-hire position is available, consider filling it with a recent graduate who can quickly learn and gain experience while offering your company a unique perspective exclusive to recent graduates.

The Benefits Of Recent Graduates For Direct-Hire Positions

They Have The Most Current Knowledge
Although experience is invaluable, people who have been working in the field for several years no longer have the most updated knowledge in their field. As new technology consistently comes out and practices are updated, students will have all of the most up-to-date information at their disposal. Even if your current employees have opportunities for education while they work, you will not be able to update your workers to the standard of a recent graduate without taking time and resources from the company.

Affordable Labor
While direct-hire recent graduates do have an education that slightly increases their worth and they won’t be the least expensive labor, they will be highly affordable for someone with knowledge and training. Recent graduates are typically willing to take a lower salary in exchange for work experience as opposed to workers who already have several years under their belt. Your company will still need to offer a salary that can rival the salaries paid by the competition, but offering experience and stable work can help interest recent graduates even if the salary isn’t high.

They’re Ready To Learn
Recent graduates aren’t jaded workers nor are they putting in their time until retirement; they are excited to start their construction careers. New graduates are aware that their fellow workers are more experienced than them and they are ready and willing to learn from these more seasoned workers. New graduates are also fantastic workers to train, as they quickly absorb information. Whereas other workers who have been in the field for a while have their own way of doing things garnered from work experience at different companies, new graduates are open to learning. This makes it simple to teach them how your company wants tasks completed and how you operate. New graduates have no bad habits that need to be unlearned and instead they are a blank canvas for your company training.

They Have New Ideas
While recent graduates might be malleable in terms of training, many of them are excited to bring their own original ideas into the field. With a recent graduate direct-hire, you can bring in employees who are excited to make improvements to their industry and who bring new ideas from their own minds as well as from the classroom. Having a fresh set of eyes can be highly beneficial for companies that run the risk of doing things a certain way because that’s how they have always been done, a dangerous line of thought for companies looking to constantly improve. Recent graduates don’t get trapped in this pitfall and can offer new ideas that can help revitalize your business.

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