Key Considerations When Creating A Strategic Staffing Solution For Your Next Project

Key Considerations When Creating A Strategic Staffing Solution For Your Next Project

If your company is expanding, if you’ve had staffing changes after your last project, or if the labor shortage has affected your workplace, you need to find staffing solutions. Hiring the right new employees is crucial to your business, as your workforce is the backbone of your success. In order to find the right staff and set up your company for a successful project, you need to plan a staffing strategy around projected growth while addressing any skill gaps to learn what roles need to be filled and by whom. Taking steps to strengthen your hiring process and create strategic staffing solutions can benefit your company.

Elements Of Strong Staffing Solutions 

Assess Growth
Whether your company is rebuilding or expanding, you need to assess your company's projected growth. Building a plan around project flow trends in your sector and historic company staffing demands as well as  predicted expansion will give you the tools to predict how many more employees your company will need so that you are never over or understaffed. You may also want to consider the growth ambitions of your employees. If your company is interested in expansion, it is beneficial to hire permanent employees who are interested in learning new skills, growing with the company, and continuing to be a part of your workforce for many years. While having experienced employees is highly beneficial, you may also want to consider hiring recent graduates to help your company grow.

Analyze Workplace Culture
With the current labor shortage as well as the growing demand for positions that are personally fulfilling to employees, there is a growing emphasis on workplace culture. Understanding your own company values and objectives helps candidates determine if they are a good fit for your company. Finding new team members who align with your company culture will also ensure a dedicated and hardworking staff, so take the time to understand your company culture.

Review Your Staff
Before you hire new staff, review your current workforce. If you have team members who are close to retirement, you may want to consider hiring staff that can be trained by these experienced members of staff before they leave. Consider the strengths your company already has so that you can employ new members of staff with other strengths so that your company has a diversity of skills.

Develop A Staffing Plan
Analyze what roles your company needs to develop and fill, the tasks and workload of those roles, and how many new members of staff will be needed to accomplish this. You will also need to determine what qualifications are required for these positions and consider both the short-term and long-term gains these roles need to achieve. Knowing exactly what type of employee is needed for which positions to fill any skill gaps in your company and to help your company achieve growth is vital to successful staffing solutions. If your company is struggling to determine staffing needs, staffing solution services offered through staffing agencies can help.

Create A Recruitment And Hiring Plan
Recruitment is particularly difficult at the moment and your company needs strategies to overcome the labor shortage. Recruitment from online job advertising sites will attract many unqualified applicants and cause your HR staff to waste their valuable time on rejected resumes. Outsourcing your hiring to a staffing agency gives you a larger pool of qualified candidates while conserving company resources. Staffing agencies will ensure that any candidates who make it to the interview stage are not only qualified and experienced, but are also a fit for the company culture and your goals for future growth. By determining what roles your company needs filled and what you most value in employees beforehand, a staffing agency will be able to match your company's needs to top-quality candidates.

Staffing Solutions 

Building a strong workforce through calculated decision-making and strategic staffing increases your company’s ability to work efficiently, reliably, and affordably. Partnering with Wide Effect gives you the resources and experienced staffing team you need for effective staffing solutions. Whether your company benefits from temp-to-hire or direct-hire employees or a combination of both for different company needs, Wide Effect can match you with the right candidates. To partner with Wide Effect and begin to build strategic staffing solutions, call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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