Job Seekers: The Best Trade Jobs To Build A Career In Construction

Job Seekers: The Best Trade Jobs To Build A Career In Construction

When you’re considering building your career in construction, you will likely be interested in trade jobs that have longevity so that you can continue your career growth for many years. Finding in-demand jobs allows you to get work quickly after receiving all necessary credentials as well as to continue a prosperous career over time. Whether you’re just starting in construction or you are switching from one specialty to another, the best trade jobs are ones that will give you plenty of work opportunities while also increasing in demand. Here are some construction career paths that are currently growing and expected to continue to grow, creating more opportunities for you and your construction career.

The Best Trade Jobs

This position is one of the highest-paying jobs that doesn’t require a college degree. Electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs of electric grids and various home, residential, and even community power. Because of this, they are often on call, particularly in times of harsh weather. Although the average annual salary is about $55,000 per year, many electricians are eligible for overtime and can work for a variety of clients. Some top earners in this field make closer to $94,000 per year. To become an electrician, a person must either go to a trade school or begin an apprenticeship, and a high school diploma is a necessity. All electricians in every state must be licensed.

Elevator Installers
This construction career is expected to grow by 10% in the next several years. This position is not only on the rise for the installation of new elevators but also for the continued repair and maintenance of elevators and mobile assistance technology. This position isn’t limited to elevators either; chairlifts, escalators, moving walkways, and other similar products that facilitate the assistance of movement from one floor to another are all installed and repaired by elevator installers. As more buildings are being constructed to modern standards, they need to accommodate those with mobility issues, indicating that this career should continue as one of the best trade jobs available. To become an elevator installer, a person must go through 4 years of apprenticeship and be at least 18 when they begin. Once fully certified (and with a license to operate, depending on what state you’re in), elevator installers can make between $64,000 and $91,000 per year.

A plumber is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repairs of pipes. Plumbers also have to inspect plumbing systems, operate HVAC systems, troubleshoot, and develop and interpret blueprints for plumbing projects. This construction career is considered one of the best trade jobs because of its consistent stability; plumbing has been a field that has stayed in high demand for many years and that is expected to continue staying in high demand. Plumbers can make $53,000 on average and this is one of the highest paying jobs a person can do without a college degree. To become a plumber, there are 2-year college programs available, although they are not necessary; a plumber can also do a four or five-year apprenticeship. A license is required to practice plumbing after completing either the apprenticeship or college program.

With an approximate 8% recent growth and expected continued growth, carpenters are predicted to be even more in demand in the next several years. This versatile construction career is one of the best trade jobs, as they can work on anything from creating cabinets to creating structures for large businesses or residential buildings. Although the average salary for carpenters is $46,000 annually, there are many different salary ranges based on specializations and available carpentry projects. For example, carpenters who work on non-residential buildings tend to make more. Carpenters can either go to trade school for two years or go through an apprenticeship. While carpenters don’t need a license to operate, they do need to pass OSHA safety training.

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