Is Direct-Hire The Right Strategy For Your Business?

Is Direct-Hire The Right Strategy For Your Business?

When your business needs to hire new team members, there are different staffing solutions available. For a sustainable and permanent staffing solution, opt for direct-hire recruiting, as this form of staffing selects permanent employees who align with your business values and who commit to your company as long-term team members. If you’re unsure if direct-hire employees are right for your company right now, there are a few questions you and your team can consider to determine what employment staffing solutions will best suit your company's needs now and moving forward


What To Consider When Determining If Direct-Hire Is Right For You

  1. Is Your Business Growing?
    Companies that are seasonally busy or that are only hiring because they have large projects to complete will likely benefit from temp-to-hire staffing so that they have the option to not renew contracts after the busy season or current project is over. But companies that are growing and busy consistently need to hire permanent staff to keep up with demand. By using a direct-hire strategy, your new team members will stay with you as you grow and will help your company expand.
  2. Are There Skill Gaps In Your Company?
    If your company needs to fill certain skill gaps or bolster teams in different departments, direct-hire is the solution. When you need a specific skill set, experience, or a new perspective, hiring a new employee to work permanently with your company will serve you better in the long term than hiring a temporary employee. A direct-hire candidate will have the skills needed to fill the position and, while there will still be some training necessary to show the new member of staff how your company operates, a direct-hire candidate will be able to quickly become a contributing and dedicated member of staff who can leverage their unique skillset to fill a niche.
  3. What’s Your Timeline?
    Direct-hire is a great staffing solution, but it does take time since the staffing agency is finding you the best candidate who will stay with your company for years. If you need an urgent hire, you may want to use a different staffing strategy, but if you have some time and if you want an employee who will be with your company for a long time, direct-hire is the best option. That said, some staffing agencies have cultivated a robust roster of highly-qualified, pre-screened candidates that may be ready to start on short notice. It is possible that the right staffing agency could pair you with the perfect candidate right away.
  4. How Much Management Control Do You Want?
    Once you hire a direct-hire employee, they are a staff member of your company, they are on your payroll, and they are no longer employed through the staffing company. If you want an employee who is loyal to your company, who you can have direct communication with, and who follows your direction, direct-hire may be what you’re looking for. With other staffing solutions such as temp-to-hire, an employer has slightly less power over how, when, and where a contract employee works due to employee-contractor classification compliance rules.


Direct-Hire Staffing Solutions With Wide Effect

Building a workforce with direct-hire placement is successful and sustainable when you partner with the right recruiting agency. At Wide Effect, we build meaningful and lasting relationships to provide you with tailored, top-level, reliable talent. With over 60 years of experience and repeated successful and enduring recruitment placements, Wide Effect presents a full roster of highly skilled direct-hire candidates that will lead to greater team morale and a more profitable workforce. To build a sustainable workforce strategy by partnering with North America’s leading team of recruiters, call Wide Effect at 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.


We will examine your current workforce strengths and weaknesses, and highlight productivity and staffing concerns. We will analyze your workflow, planned initiatives, and projected growth. We will ask the questions needed to establish a deep understanding of the culture of your organization. From there we can help design a strong plan and determine which staffing model can meet your needs.

Yes, it can. Direct-hire through a staffing agency will save your company the cost of advertising for the position, having a hiring manager, checking references, running background checks, conducting interviews, negotiating offers, and more all while saving valuable time from members of management. Learn more by reading How A Direct-Hire Strategy Can Actually Save You Money.

Wide Effect recruits employees from all levels of industry, from laborers to management positions.

A Better Way to Recruit

Are you experiencing productivity challenges, skill gaps in your workforce, or do you need a short-term placement? Don't waste your time and money navigating these alone. We bring the process, experience, and placement successes you need to make your labor force concerns a thing of the past. Call us at 1 (833) 493-5627 or use the contact form to discuss your personalized staffing solution.

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