Construction Staffing Solutions For An Aging Workforce

Construction Staffing Solutions For An Aging Workforce

As Baby Boomers and even Generation X reach retirement age, we are seeing a shift in the construction industry. The mass retirement of this large generational workforce is leaving companies short-staffed, while also removing a lot of the experience and knowledge that these seasoned professionals have accumulated over the years. To help combat these challenges, your company needs to actively utilize construction staffing solutions to find new employees who can retain the information of their predecessors. To make sure your new-hires get the training they need, you must ensure that your current staff members don’t retire before they have the chance to train new, committed employees.

Fight The Retirement Boom With These Construction Staffing Solutions

Keep Employees For Longer
Employees who have been working in the construction industry for a long time are highly valuable for their experience and wealth of industry knowledge, but the average retirement age currently sits between 61 and 65. If you have team members with many years of experience, they are likely interested in retiring soon. They may leave even before they hit the average retirement age if they feel they can no longer keep up with the workload, if they feel their years of experience are under-appreciated, if they are overworked, or if they otherwise are no longer willing to give the extra effort they did years ago. If you are interested in keeping these employees around for longer, even if it’s just another year to help with training, your company needs to create incentives and reduce frustrations. Accommodating older workers with flexible hours, increased paid time off, or better benefits will keep them with your company for longer so they can pass on their knowledge. Having a staff member retire a year or two before they had planned due to frustration with their company or position can greatly affect the way your company trains new employees and what skills and knowledge are retained within your company.

Encourage Generational Training
If you know an employee has plans to retire, or if they are coming to retirement age, hire a new, committed member of staff for this experienced employee to mentor. When your most experienced members of staff can train new hires and team members who are committed to your company, it will keep all of the accrued knowledge of the trade and position within your team. Giving older staff members the chance to coach a new employee may also help to improve staff satisfaction, as many people enjoy teaching others and sharing their expertise and older staff members often appreciate being able to continue their work with fewer physical demands.

Utilize Direct-Hires Strategies
Many people who are close to retiring have likely spent a while with your company, and when they leave you will have to face the possibility that your business could have to cycle through several employees instead of finding one long-term placement. If you’ve had the same employee in a position for many years, you may struggle to find another person with the same skill and experience or who is ready for the same level of commitment. By using a direct-hire construction staffing strategy, you will be setting up your company for success. Direct-hire candidates are looking for permanent positions at a company that perfectly suits their skills, values, and their career goals, and these candidates are often motivated to stay with a company so they can grow their skills and career.

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Retain A Skilled Workforce With Construction Staffing Solutions

When your staff members are ready to retire, ensure you replace them with new recruits who come to your company with their own set of skills and qualifications as well as a willingness to learn from your existing team. Finding dedicated employees who can be trained by your current staff before retirement will vastly improve the performance of your new hires and of your business overall. Find the right candidates for construction staffing through Wide Effect. With over 60 years of combined experience, Wide Effect has created a blueprint for success and we’ve helped companies thrive across North America. Utilize top construction staffing strategies today by calling Wide Effect at 1-262-298-0026 or filling out the online contact form.


Wide Effect recruits employees from all levels of industry, from laborers to management positions.

Partnering with Wide Effect gives you the tools to hire skilled workers who are committed to your company. Our highly experienced recruiters will source qualified workers from our extensive network of construction professionals to find the right candidates for your business. Learn more about staffing strategies by reading Staffing Agency Advice: Strategies To Help Your Company Overcome Construction Labor Shortages.

Wide Effect has recruiters on the ground in all 50 states with access to a nation-wide database of top-level construction talent. No matter where your company is based in the US or around the world, Wide Effect can find construction professionals to build your workforce. Wide Effect also offers EOR services outside of the US to help companies expand globally.

A Better Way to Recruit

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