Some Of The Screening Techniques Used By Top Recruiting Agencies

Some Of The Screening Techniques Used By Top Recruiting Agencies

When your company has open positions that need to be filled, you need to find the right candidate who will contribute and add value to your company. Once you’ve posted a job ad you can receive hundreds or even thousands of applications, but not all of those applications will be from qualified candidates who will work well in your company. Determining which candidate is right for the position can feel like a true needle in a haystack scenario, but by partnering with a recruiting agency, your company can find this one worker. Top-quality recruiting agencies use a rigorous screening process to ensure the candidates who make it to the interview stage with your company are all top contenders that will help your company thrive.

Recruiting Agency Screening Steps

The classic tried and true method of collecting resumes is still the most common way to receive applications, but it is very time-consuming for companies to sift through all of the resumes they receive for job postings. Recruiting agencies have teams and proprietary technologies specifically dedicated to reviewing resumes so they can quickly and accurately determine who is worth going forward for further screening and who is not qualified.

Skill Tests
This is a good way to quickly eliminate applicants who aren’t qualified. A test sent to applicants will quickly determine if they have the necessary knowledge for the job and if they don’t pass the test they are not considered for the position. It is often beneficial to send a skill test to potential candidates as soon as a resume is received to provide immediate insight into skill level and to streamline the process and save time. If the candidate gets a low score on the test, they can be automatically eliminated from the stack of resumes and cover letters.

Cover Letters
These more detailed documents give screeners a more comprehensive understanding of who the candidate is, but again this is a very time-consuming task for companies to take on without the assistance of a recruiting agency. Only applicants with resumes that have already passed through initial screening will have their cover letters read. These will be examined by screeners who are experienced with cover letter fundamentals so that they can quickly pick out great candidates. Cover letters are a great way of determining a worker’s written communication skills as well as their ability to follow instructions. 

This is an incredibly important part of screening, as nothing will tell the honest truth like the review of a previous employer. While people may try to embellish their skills and abilities in their resume or cover letter, their previous employers will give an objective analysis of the worker’s skills and workplace contributions. Not only does checking references ensure that the information on the cover letter or resume is correct, but it also shows the level of enthusiasm and respect that employers have for their former workers, which is a telltale sign of the worker’s performance and personality.

Online Searches
With so many people utilizing social media, it is not difficult to learn more about your potential workers. While social media is not a full representation of a person, it can be a fast way to determine if workers will not fit into the company culture. If candidates are posting updates that the company would deem inappropriate, harmful to others, or otherwise concerning material, the candidate will not be selected for your company. 

Video interviews
Once a candidate has passed through all of these screening methods, they can move on to a video interview with one of the recruiting agency screeners. This is a reliable method of learning more about the candidate. Beyond discussing their work experience and testing their knowledge in the field, a video interview allows the screener to see how the candidate interacts with others, how they think on their feet, how they handle stress, and more.

Temp-To-Hire Options
If you are still hesitant about new hires and do not want to risk a failed hire, consider a temp-to-hire strategy. This is essentially a trial period so that you can make sure this is the right employee for your business. If for any reason they are not, you are under no obligation to keep the candidate in your employment once their temporary contract has reached its predetermined termination date.


Partner With A Recruiting Agency For Reliable Hires

When your company works with a recruiting agency, you get the benefit of experienced recruiters analyzing all of the important information needed when hiring. These recruiters spend years working with candidates and they know how to determine promising applications from poor ones. Partnering with a recruiting agency saves your company time, money, and resources, and identifies your industry’s most qualified candidates. The rigorous screening process used by Wide Effect guarantees that your business receives only top-quality candidates. To build a stronger workforce and to streamline your hiring process, contact Wide Effect at 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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