Job Seekers: How Direct-Hire Recruiting Can Help Boost Your Career

Job Seekers: How Direct-Hire Recruiting Can Help Boost Your Career

When looking for a new position, you want to invest in more than just a job; finding a position that benefits your career can help you reach your goals in the workplace. But finding a position that suits your skills, benefits your career, and leaves you feeling fulfilled is a tall order, especially by yourself. Partnering with a direct-hire recruiting agency can help you find a job that fits all of these categories. To give yourself the best advantage for building your career, consider connecting with a direct-hire recruiting agency and see your career take off.

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The Career Benefits Of Direct-Hire Recruiting

Permanent Employment
Unlike contract work or temp-to-hire recruiting, direct-hire recruiting is designed to match candidates and employers for long-time employment. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is hoping to grow their career and move up in the ranks at one company. Permanent positions give you the chance to demonstrate your ability as a reliable and skilled employee and some companies also offer continued education that helps you gain tickets and certificates that add more value to your resume and make you a better-qualified candidate for future opportunities.

Normally when you start a new job, you start out on a probation period that can last several months. During this period, many employees feel like an outsider among the staff and they sometimes feel aware of the threat of termination without notice that comes with probation. With direct-hire, there is no probationary period. You become an automatic permanent employee of the company you work for. This means there is no threat of termination and you get access to your benefits faster than through the regular hiring process. The quick integration process can help you feel like an immediate part of the staff, which can in turn boost morale and enhance your experience. By feeling like a part of the team and being respected by your company from day one, you can quickly develop relationships with other team members, which can be invaluable for networking later in your career.

Finding Niche Roles
Navigating a job listing website with thousands of options is more than just overwhelming; it’s ineffective. Seeking roles based on titles you have had in the past or positions you are familiar with limit your scope of prospective careers and prevent you from seeing positions that would suit your skillset. When you partner with a direct-hire staffing agency, your skills are analyzed to see what positions are ideal for you. This gives you an opportunity to find positions with titles you didn’t think apply to you while opening you up to newly developed positions. By finding you a position based on skill instead of relying on your ability to navigate sifting through job websites, you increase your chances of finding a job that utilizes your complete skill set and leads to a fulfilling career.

Direct-Hire Recruiting That Works For You

If you’re ready to start building your career and fulfilling your goals, partner with a direct-hire recruiting agency. At Wide Effect, our direct-hire recruiting team will work with you to place you with a reputable company in a position where you will thrive. By matching employers with candidates that align on skills and ambition, Wide Effect ensures that both you and the hiring company will be pleased with the placement. To join the Wide Effect talent roster or if you have any questions, contact Wide Effect at 1-262-298-0026 or fill in the online contact form.



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