Women's Day 2022: How Women Can Impact The Renewable Energy Sector

Women's Day 2022: How Women Can Impact The Renewable Energy Sector

Women hold far fewer positions in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs, and only 32% of the renewable energy sector is comprised of women. Although this is a higher rate than other sectors, such as fossil fuels, it is still disproportionate. So why do we see this gender disparity? For many years it was assumed that men and women were interested in different career paths or that they had different capabilities. Yet society, in general, is slowly realizing that men and women share many of the same interests but that women have been discouraged from participating in traditionally masculine workforces such as renewable energy. As companies come to realize this, they are also appreciating how much of an asset it is to have women working within the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy executives should incorporate strategies to encourage more women to join the field so companies can benefit from new perspectives and a dedicated workforce of forward thinkers.

Women In Renewable Energy

New Perspectives

The current lack of women with renewable energy careers is problematic not only due to the missing representation and opportunities but also because a lack of diversity in these fields limits perspectives. A person’s lived experiences shape the way they view the world around them. When a workforce is representative of a larger variety of people, a greater diversity of ideas and perspectives is fostered. The more diversity there is within a sector, the more new and innovative ideas there are. As more girls at a young age are being encouraged to take an interest in previously male associated fields, there is a rising number of women seeking educational opportunities in STEM. This is generating a new workforce of young women who are just as educated as their male counterparts but who bring with them the knowledge and diversity of their varied backgrounds to enhance the field. When companies ignore the beneficial impact of employing educated women, they also miss out on a market of energy users and innovative thinking. Hiring women for renewable energy jobs is a great benefit to companies, as it allows for greater expansion and different approaches to problems.

Looking To The Future

Because renewable energy is a sector that is always looking to the future, progressive thinking and open mindedness should be demanded from those in positions of authority within the renewable energy sector. Working toward gender equality in the field is an integral part of the values of renewable energy. As a field that emphasizes the need for change to make the world a better place for future generations, calling out bias and pushing for equality of all kinds should be the mentality of all renewable energy companies. Renewable energy executives, in particular, should be those at the forefront of gender equality within this sector, as they are the ones who can see the benefits of having more women in the sector as profits and innovative technologies increase with diversity and they are in positions to create change.

Increased Drive And Passion

Anyone who joins a field where they are the minority typically faces biases and prejudices they have to overcome to gain their position. When one group is underrepresented there is pressure placed on the few individuals as being representative of all others like them. Women joining male-dominated fields have an added pressure to perform without flaw at the risk of reflecting poorly on other women, and these same women also have to fight against the gender bias that may mean their work gets passed over or their voice ignored. Those who persist and even thrive in these fields, despite the added struggle their male counterparts do not face, demonstrate more resilience and passion to help them through their journey. While this may not be a positive experience for those involved, it does mean that women pursuing renewable energy careers have a tenacity that makes them care about, and thrive in, their position and their industry.

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