When Is Direct-Hire The Right Staffing Solution?

When Is Direct-Hire The Right Staffing Solution?

Unlike temp jobs or contractor work, direct-hire placements fill permanent and long-term positions. These positions are often salaried and come with company benefits. Direct-hire placement is a strategic way for companies to hire workers that will seamlessly fit into their work environment without having to use their own resources to find the right worker. A staffing agency will facilitate all of the recruiting and hiring needs of the company to streamline the process. Whether your company is hiring for skilled laborers, supervisory positions, or executive roles, direct-hire recruiting through a staffing agency can be highly beneficial in several scenarios.

Your Company Should Consider Direct-Hire Staffing If:

The Nature Of The Position Is Long-Term.
If you are hiring for a permanent, long-term position, direct-hire is the best option. Unlike temporary positions or contractors, direct-hire personnel are interested in long-term positions from the moment they apply. This leads to greater commitment from new hires as well as long-term employee retention and reduced turnover rates.

The New Staff Needs To Be Onboarded Quickly.
When trying to quickly fill a position, it is vital that paperwork is handled efficiently. When a direct placement is used, the candidate’s hiring information has already been collected, and processing it with your company is quick and easy so that the new hire can start right away. The streamlined hiring process offered by a staffing agency will not only help you find a highly qualified candidate fast, but it will also ensure they are ready to work as soon as you need them.

Your Company Wants A Larger Candidate Pool.
Using direct-hire recruiting gives your company access to the network built by the staffing agency you are working with. Having a large candidate pool gives you the chance to find not only more qualified workers, but also candidates who have the same values and work ethic as your company. Although a large candidate pool is highly beneficial, it also means your company has more resumes to sift through. Partnering with a staffing agency will reduce the amount of candidates who make it to you by pre screening candidates to determine who is most qualified and compatible with your company to move forward to the interview process. This allows your company to receive only top quality candidates from the large selection of qualified workers.

Your Company Doesn’t Want To Spend Company Resources.
If your company is trying to fill a permanent position, it can take lots of company resources including personnel, time, and money. When you outsource your recruitment to a direct-hire recruiting staffing company, you can streamline costs and avoid additional expenses that come from ineffective recruiting and failed hires. Advertising the position, reviewing resumes, checking references, and even interviewing can all be handled by the staffing agency, with an option for your company to be more involved if desired.

Direct Placement Solutions Through Wide Effect

When your company is trying to hire permanent, reliable workers, you need direct-hire recruiting. This staffing solution will get you the right candidates to fill a permanent position. At Wide Effect, our dedicated team of recruiters and our rigorous screening, assessment, and selection process have built an extensive candidate pool of highly skilled workers ready to quickly and seamlessly fill your open position through direct hire placement. With over 60 years of experience, Wide Effect has developed the perfect blueprint for success and can start saving your business money immediately through direct-hire recruiting. To contact Wide Effect call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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