What Makes A Good EOR?

What Makes A Good EOR?

An employer of record (EOR) can be a highly beneficial service, particularly for those who want back office support or are expanding to another country. An EOR is an administrative employer for an employee while this individual works for a different company. The services offered by an employer of record allow a company to reassign their backend tasks to reduce overhead and free up skilled workers and company owners to focus on important aspects of the company that need full attention. When searching for an employer of record to partner with, consider the tasks you need performed as well as how many services the company offers, their dedication, their customer service, and their industry experience. Here are some EOR services you should expect a top-quality EOR partner to offer.

What To Look For In An EOR

While your company should still manage the day-to-day operations of your business, as well as any goal setting or one-on-one discussions with staff members, a quality employer of record should perform these tasks:

Manage Employment Relationships
The EOR company is responsible for creating and maintaining contracts for staff members. Since the EOR is the legal employer of the workers and is a local business entity in the country where your business needs workers, the employer of records must create a staff contract that follows all of the rules of the country. These contracts must follow all regional legalities and be signed by the employee and the employer.

File Taxes
An EOR must ensure a company covers all legal obligations, including taxation of the country the company is operating in. Partnering with an employer of record that is experienced in managing company taxes and who advertises it as a main function of their EOR services ensures their reputability.

Process Payroll
A good employer of record will take over back office tasks such as payroll so that you can focus on more important aspects as a business owner. As a part of this, the EOR will be responsible for collecting and processing time records.

Benefits Administration
Since an EOR is often hired for work in other countries, they should offer to manage benefit payout. Different countries have different laws regarding benefits and an employer of record should always know the country's rules and handle these types of requirements for your business so that there are no legal ramifications due to misunderstandings or mistakes.

Handle Unemployment
When an employee needs to be let go, an EOR can be involved in their termination to manage all unemployment claims and to ensure all local unemployment laws are being met.

Background Checks
An EOR service doesn’t need to be heavily involved in the hiring process depending on what your company wants, but a great EOR service will offer to be. An employer of record can confirm references and run background checks on applicants to ensure they are a good fit for the company and have all of the necessary credentials.

Wide Effect Employer Of Record Services

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