Three Common Construction Staffing Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Three Common Construction Staffing Challenges And How To Overcome Them

As the labor crisis continues, workers are in short supply. Because of this, many construction companies are struggling to find skilled workers who can fill in the gaps in companies and follow strict worker safety compliance. Your company can’t settle for less than the best, but where can these workers be found and how can you get them interested? Both industrial and commercial construction staffing challenges are affecting all sectors of the construction industry and your company needs a leg up on your competition so you can find workers before your competition can. The big three common construction staffing challenges your company faces can be overcome with the help of a construction staffing agency.

What To Do About Construction Staffing Challenges

Finding Qualified Workers
It is especially difficult to find highly qualified workers right now. Top-quality workers are fielding offers from your competitors and even from other sectors. To gain access to qualified workers, your company needs a large recruitment pool while ensuring your company is appealing to potential candidates and credible. Partnering with a construction staffing company will give you both of these advantages. Construction staffing companies have extensive networks and have access to pre screened candidates who meet the rigorous requirements of the construction staffing company. The screening standards for candidates are incredibly high and multiple vetting techniques are used so you know you’re only receiving top candidates. These screenings and standards are a two-way street. Not only are candidates screened, but companies are also assessed to ensure the construction staffing company knows what the business is looking for and that the business is a respectable employer. Because of this two-way screening process, both candidates and employers are viewed as credible by one another, making it easier to connect qualified workers to interested employers.

Filling Skill Gaps
Fewer young people are joining the construction industry. This coupled with the sudden retirement of many experienced workers has created a skill gap in the workforce. Ideally, a company wants some workers with lots of experience and some workers who are completely updated on new technologies and practices. To help combat the increasing skill gap, companies can partner with a construction staffing company to hire recent graduates while your company still has some older, seasoned workers. Creating this coupling will let your experienced workers train the new workers so that when they retire, you get to retain their wisdom through those they have trained. Investing in ongoing training will also help to keep your workers engaged in their work, educated, and committed to your company while filling the roles vital to your company. Offering ongoing training will help keep your workers interested in staying with a company that can prepare them for upward mobility.

Maintaining Worker Safety
Worker safety impacts all aspects of your company’s operations. Technology has to be kept up to date, the company has to be willing to fund safety gear and ongoing safety training, the workers need to be competent and vigilant, and your business needs employees specifically trained on how to handle safety compliance and fill out the paperwork associated with any work-related injuries or worker compensation. For smaller companies, this can mean the need to create a new role in the company. When that is not feasible, companies may want to consider an employer of record service offered through a construction staffing company to help run backend duties. To find workers who are trained with proper safety standards and who are vigilant and dedicated to upholding safety standards, companies hire qualified workers through construction staffing companies. While safety standards are automatically something construction staffing companies screen for, you can specify to your construction staffing partner that you want to emphasize this and they can accommodate when selecting candidates.


Overcome Staffing Challenges With The Right Construction Staffing Partner

Finding top-quality workers may seem like a challenge, but when your business partners with the right construction staffing company, you can find qualified candidates. With over 60 years of success, Wide Effect has placed highly qualified candidates with companies across all 50 States and across the globe. Our construction staffing services find workers who fill the gap in your company and add invaluable experience and skills to your construction team. To partner with Wide Effect and start building a stronger workforce, call 1-262-298-0026 or fill out the online contact form.



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