Job Seekers: 5 Top Paying Jobs In Maritime Construction

Job Seekers: 5 Top Paying Jobs In Maritime Construction

Maritime careers can be divided into two main categories: workers who build marine infrastructure and ships and workers who operate them. Marine infrastructure includes platforms, subsea structures, pipelines, and cables crucial to offshore activities in oil and gas, energy, and telecom. Ship navigation and other naval personnel are also valuable workers in this industry. The highest paying jobs in maritime careers are as maritime executives or those who head departments and have chief positions, but other maritime careers earn high salaries. If you’re interested in marine construction, here are some well-paying positions.

Top Paying Maritime Careers

All salaries listed are the typical yearly salaries for a person who has moderate experience in their position. Salaries do not include bonuses, overtime, or profit-sharing.

1. Chief Procurement Officer. Average Salary $187,392
Workers in this position select suppliers and vendors, ensure available business inventory, maintain an effective, reliable supply chain, complete employee performance evaluations and give feedback, analyze reports, and make payments to vendors while maintaining the company budget. Procurement officers focus on making operations as profitable and efficient as possible.

2. Senior Project Manager. Average Salary $114,588
The senior project manager is responsible for the end product so they must have in-depth knowledge of the process from start to finish. This position also requires a high degree of communication skills, as the senior project manager interacts with architects, engineers, clients, vendors, and subordinate staff. 

3. Chief Estimator. Average Salary $98,260
This marine construction management career focuses on estimation functions including budgeting, staff scheduling and development, training, performance evaluations, and departmental goals. Chief estimators are responsible for creating and regulating department standard operating procedures and performance metrics. This position requires a deep understanding of government policies and regulations related to the maritime industry.

4. Senior Shipbuilders. Average Salary $84,500
Shipbuilding often happens right in the shipyard and includes the construction and maintenance of both commercial and military nautical vessels of various sizes. Shipbuilders do everything from designing and drawing the blueprints of the ship to constructing it. Pay can greatly vary depending on the type of vessel, as luxury private vessels can drastically range in project price.

5. Safety Manager. Average Salary $82,792
Safety managers limit the risk of accidents on the worksite by developing and implementing safety features and procedures, as well as making sure these safety guidelines are being followed. Safety managers may have to interact with government officials for on-site security and will have to communicate with clients and vendors about established safety parameters. Safety managers write detailed incident reports and actively search for ways of improving safety. They create new safety protocols while minimizing costs for the company.

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