How Staffing Agencies Can Find Top Executive-Level Construction Talent

Completing a construction project requires more than just a team of reliable laborers. You will likely also need, at the very least, a project manager, an operations leader, a health and safety supervisor, and an engineering manager. You need executive talent to oversee the project from its conception all the way to the laying of the last brick. 

The problem is that staffing executive construction personnel is not the same as hiring entry-level laborers. Simply announcing your vacancies on an online career board will not attract the people who can actually put your construction project in motion. To net the big fish, you will need a different staffing strategy.  

Wide Effect boasts 60 years of experience staffing executive talent for both temp-to-hire and direct-hire jobs in the US construction sectors. Our considerable network, paired with our comprehensive employment database and exceptional scouting, means that we are already in talks with employed executive personnel before they have even submitted their resignation. If you want the most coveted leaders in the sector to work on your project, connect with us at (262) 298-0026.

5 Tips For Recruiting Executive-Level Construction Talent 

Putting up a job posting and waiting to see what sticks is a poor strategy for staffing high-level positions for your construction project. Because most individuals at the executive level are already gainfully employed, they are not spending their days refreshing the job board in the hope of a new opening. Your job is to convince them that your project is more worthy of their time than what they are currently doing. 

Opening up dialogues with executive leaders can be challenging and time-consuming, however. Consider delegating this responsibility to a staffing agency with a strong track record in securing top-level talent. 

Here are 5 reasons as to why a good staffing agency is perfect for this job:

  1. It understands the sector: A staffing agency can know the construction sector just as well as you do. The difference is that they have much more time than you to devote to talent acquisition. An accomplished staffing agency will have direct access to the sector’s best talent pipelines… something that many in-house hiring teams will have difficulty gaining.
  2. It has a larger network: Having worked with the leaders in the construction industry, a staffing agency is aware of every major player on the field and is in constant communication with the superstars—the people you want on your team. If an executive is thinking about changing scenery, you can be sure that a staffing agency will learn of it first. 
  3. It understands the candidates: Knowing the top executives not only allows the staffing agency to move first, it also permits the recruiter to tailor an effective strategy to approach the potential candidates. The recruiter understands the candidates’ pain points and what drives them. This knowledge is extremely useful for preparing your recruiter’s selling pitch.
  4. It is patient: A good staffing agency has been subtly prodding the executive talent for months—if not years. When the individual stirs, the staffing agency will be perfectly positioned to approach them with your offering. Patience also speaks to the staffing agency’s care and precision during the hiring process. 
  5. It provides great candidate experience: As a master of hiring, a staffing agency knows how to make the hiring process as painless as possible for the candidate. Applicants often judge a company based on its hiring process, and executive-level staff are no different. Personalized recruiting that goes the extra mile can be the difference between an accepted offer and a stern rebuff.   

In short, a staffing agency is uniquely equipped to find the people to manage and lead your construction project thanks to a combination of bountiful resources, advanced connections, and recruiting expertise. 

Assembling The Leaders Of Your Team 

Without the executive assets to direct your workforce, your construction project is unlikely to make much headway. But qualified leadership does not come easy.
To maximize your luck in landing a first-rate executive talent, consider partnering with Wide Effect. Our extensive industry knowledge, combined with our wide-reaching influence, can position your firm or project to attract the top talent in the field. Call (262) 298-0026 or fill out the online contact form to see how we can help you.


Will using a staffing agency cost me more? 
Partnering with an experienced recruiting agency will actually save you money by reducing your cost-per-hire, eliminating costs associated with unsuccessful hires, minimizing interruptions to workflow and productivity, and freeing up your personnel resources to focus on more effective tasks.

Where can I apply for executive roles in the construction sector?  
Our internal job board will have current executive opportunities. If you don’t see the right opportunity for you, reach out directly to our team at 1 (833) 493-5627



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