How Executive Recruiters Can Help You Land Your Dream Construction Job

How Executive Recruiters Can Help You Land Your Dream Construction Job

Given optimistic projections in the sector, taking your C-Suite job search (executive-level positions such as CIO and COO) to the construction industry may be a sensible career move. 

The challenge is to get your foot in the door, as you are still an unknown quantity to the big players in the field. To compete for upper management positions such as director or VP as a newcomer, your best bet is to secure the support of an executive recruiter. A healthy combination of networking, self-marketing, and reaching out directly can help you to achieve that. 

Wide Effect is a Wisconsin-based staffing agency with 60 years of experience serving construction contractors and companies across the US. Our executive recruiters regularly partner with leading construction firms in the country and have filled hundreds of high-powered construction jobs. 

Getting On The Executive Recruiter’s Shortlist 

Applying for an executive-level position by combing online job boards一the conventional job-hunting strategy一is rarely effective. In fact, one might argue that you cannot even apply for such a high-powered position in the first place. Executive vacancies are often filled up in complete secrecy, with executive search firms reaching out to their preferred candidates first.

When it comes to filling up C-Suite construction jobs, an executive recruiter’s preferred candidate pool is the upper management ranks of rival construction firms. This makes transitioning into the construction sector inherently difficult. While you can do much to improve your chances, you will need a fair bit of luck too. 

Here are some tips to get you noticed by executive recruiters working for top construction firms:

Network: Attend construction conferences and job fairs to get directly in touch with recruiters and hiring managers. The opportunity for face-to-face interactions allows you to make a firm and convincing statement about your desire to transition into the construction sector. Though you are unlikely to persuade someone on the spot to offer you the managerial role you are looking for, your name will be on everybody’s lips by the end of the day. 

Customize your LinkedIn: Executive recruiters looking for their big hire in the construction sector often try their luck on LinkedIn. Your goal, then, is to tweak your profile so that they can easily find it一even if you have no previous experience in the sector. 

Research the skills required for your ideal C-Suite role. A VP, for example, must be well-versed in team management, organization and planning, communication, and risk management. Hard skills like financial analysis and modeling and business administration are helpful too. Ideally, your LinkedIn profile should reflect mastery in all of these competencies. 

Your profile should also make it clear that you are interested in the construction sector. You can do this by connecting with executives already working in the sector, sharing construction-related news, and following and joining relevant groups. Doing all this makes you more visible to recruiters, which increases your chances that one of them takes an interest in you. 

Perfect your brand: Just because you have never worked in construction does not mean you are completely clueless about it. Learn as much as you can about the sector and identify the hottest talking points and the top challenges it is facing. With your newfound knowledge, try to write thought-provoking articles or op-eds and have them published in industry magazines. If you are feeling particularly bold, you can even request to speak at industry events. 

Connect with an executive recruiter directly: Cold messaging an executive recruiter working the construction sector can be beneficial, if done well. 

Given you are asking them a favor, your approach needs to be couched in modesty. However, you should also not undersell yourself. Your message must strike the right balance between confidence and arrogance. Stating your interest in an executive position and listing your title, years of experience, and past achievements matter-of-factly can work.  

Note that the recruiter may not even be actively looking for candidates when you contact them. As such, expecting them to refer you to a job is unrealistic. A more grounded expectation is to have your resume kept on file so that it can be retrieved when a construction job that meets your experience and qualifications opens up.

Transitioning To An Executive Role In The Construction Sector 

Breaking into a new sector or field is never easy. This is doubly true for roles at the executive level, which are usually reserved for senior individuals with a long history of achievements. Such candidates are most valued by executive recruiters because they present the lowest hiring risk. 

If you are committed to transitioning to the construction sector without compromising your seniority, you will be more successful if you settle on a lateral move. This presents a lower risk to the recruiter and can compensate for the fact that you have never worked in the sector before. 

Wide Effect is a Wisconsin-based staffing agency that has placed hundreds of executive-level roles in the US construction sector. Call us at 1-833-493-5627 or fill out the online contact form to discuss how our executive recruiters can help you find the C-Suite construction job you have always wanted. 


Q: How much does it cost to partner with an executive recruiter?
A: Reaching out to an executive recruiter to help you find your construction job is free of charge. It is the company that hires the staffing agency that pays the executive recruiter. 

Q: Which sectors does Wide Effect specialize in?
A: Wide Effect specializes in Construction, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Safety Personnel.

Q: I am a job seeker. Where can I find open positions that I can apply for??
A: You can visit our current job postings here



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