3 Ways A Staffing Agency Can Help Your Business

The US is still reeling from the effects of a post-pandemic labor shortage. By the end of April 2021, a record-high 9.3 million jobs remain unfilled. The American skilled trades sector has certainly not been spared, seeing equally unprecedented vacancies. 

In light of internal HR departments scurrying left and right to find qualified candidates一often to no avail, many skilled trades employers have turned to staffing agencies to fill their openings. While partnering with a staffing agency does require some startup costs, the benefits are more than worth the investment. 

If you are looking for a staffing agency to take over your hiring process, find the most qualified candidates, and fill up your construction jobs in a timely manner, look no further than Wide Effect. Not only do we excel in sourcing direct-hire and temp-to-hire candidates, our temp-to-hire recruits become full-time employees 95% of the time. Connect with our national headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to learn more about our staffing solutions. 

How A Staffing Agency Returns On Your Investment

Operating on tight margins, companies in the skilled trades sector are sometimes leery to contract a staffing agency to beef up their hiring process. However, the initial investment often yields dividends in spades.  

Here is how a partnership with a staffing agency can actually increase your bottom line in the long run:

Save your HR resources: By delegating the lion’s share of the hiring process to the staffing agency, you can assign your HR department to other priorities. The current labor shortage presents a perfect opportunity to have your HR officers and analysts review your company’s work environment, compensation schemes, and advancement structures. Unburdening your HR department from the hiring slog allows it to focus on the well-being of your current employees. 

But a staffing agency does not merely replace your HR department for hiring purposes. A staffing agency is often better suited to find qualified candidates in highly specific and competitive sectors. A sector-specific staffing agency consists of experts and professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of your field. So when these specialists invoke all their experience and connections to help you find the perfect candidate, you can be sure that they will deliver. 

Recruit the best candidates: Thanks to their sector experience and their vast network, a staffing agency has all the tools to find the best candidates at any given time. 

Hiring better employees for your company can supplement your revenues in two ways. First, their work speaks for itself, helping you land more lucrative contracts and giving you leverage to charge more for your services. Second, an effective worker means that you do not need to replace them for reasons related to performance. Employee turnover is a major resource drain for most companies, and minimizing it is always welcome. 

Deliver results expediently: Whereas your HR department can only devote a portion of their time in the hiring process, a staffing agency can expend its full effort in finding you the right candidate. Its full-time commitment, combined with its expertise in the sector, means that you can build your team faster than you think. 

Getting qualified workers on the field at a faster rate is good for business, as every vacancy that remains unfilled at the end of the day constitutes a revenue loss. In today’s worker-favored climate, leaving your job openings unfilled is essentially draining resources. Do not leave your hiring process to chance; enlist a staffing agency so that it can proactively find you the most suitable candidates for your roles. 

Find The Right Staff With The Right Agency

By removing the hiring burden from your HR department, attracting and securing the most coveted candidates, and delivering labor to your doorstep in record time, a staffing agency is often worth the initial costs. That is because every benefit that a staffing agency brings to your company can boost your revenues, which easily offsets the costs of the partnership. 

If you think that a staffing agency can help you turn the labor shortage onto its head, get in touch with Wide Effect. Our 60 years of experience and peerless knowledge in the skilled trades sectors make us one of the most effective recruiters for construction jobs in the nation. Call 1-833-493-5627 or fill out the online contact form to begin our cooperation. 


Q: What recruiting services do Wide Effect offer?
A: Wide Effect does direct-hire recruiting, temp-to-hire recruiting, and recruitment process outsourcing. 

Q: What industries does Wide Effect serve?
A: Wide Effect specializes in Construction, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Safety Personnel. 

Q: I am a job seeker. Where can I find open positions that I can apply for??
A: You can visit our current job postings here.



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