9 Of The Best Paying Careers In Renewable Energy For 2022

9 Of The Best Paying Careers In Renewable Energy For 2022

As more people, countries, and businesses realize the urgent need to develop and use renewable energy, lucrative job opportunities are becoming available. As the dynamic green energy sector continues to grow, it requires highly-skilled and innovative professionals for all positions. While the amount you earn will be dependent on your sector and your experience, we have compiled the average annual salaries in the top paying positions. If you have the experience and skill to join the renewable energy sector or if you are completing your educational path to join in the near future, here are some of the highest paying jobs in this cutting-edge field.

9 Of The Top Paying Renewable Energy Careers In 2022

Architect Engineer/Manager. $144,830. Architect engineers design energy efficient buildings. This position involves detailed planning, research management, and technical precision in order to produce sustainable buildings. This job requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering or a related field such as civil engineering. Some positions may also require a master’s degree but it is dependent on the company.

Petroleum Engineer. $137,720. Petroleum engineers work in the oil and gas industry. Although these are non-renewable resources, petroleum engineers typically work to design and build more efficient and cleaner ways to extract and develop these resources, as well as discovering new related resources. This position offers careers both in the field and in the office. To become a petroleum engineer, a person must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, preferably in petroleum engineering or a related field.

Wind Farm Site Manager. $110,630. Also known as wind energy operation managers, this position supervises and runs wind farms used for energy collection. A wind site farm manager oversees all of the personnel on the wind farm and are responsible for maintaining the windmills and ensuring safety on site. This career requires a highschool degree and experience in the field. A Bachelor’s Degree may be preferred but it is not required.

Civil Engineer. $87,060. Civil engineers plan and design projects as well as perform supervision. Civil Engineers who focus on renewable energy often assist in designing new renewable technology. This role requires a Bachelor’s of Engineering in civil engineering, although some places also require a Masters, which can lead to a salary of around $144,560.

Power Plant Operator. $85,950, assuming you have some training and experience. Some power plant operators can make upwards of $117,130, making it one of the highest earning jobs in the energy section without a bachelor’s degree. Those in this position are responsible for overseeing the systems and distributing energy for either renewable or non-renewable energy.

Financial Analyst. $85,439. Financial analysts in the renewable energy industry work with companies to track energy spending, pay employees, and address other financial concerns. This role is vital for companies who hope to expand, as they will need to know which area to develop energy products as well as how to maximize profits. This position typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree in either economics, finance, statistics, accounting, or math.

Chemist. $70,195. Chemists help to develop and manufacture lubricants and fuels as well as develop new biofuels. Due to the complex nature of this role, chemists in the renewable resources sector may need a Master’s Degree for this position.

Site Assessor. $69,778. Site assessors visit sites for potential power generation and determine if enough energy can be harvested at a location that it would be worth company investment. This role can be filled by someone with a Bachelor’s Degree or a certification.

Project Manager. $66,000. This title is not a specific profession, but given the number of projects in the renewable energy industry, many sites value a project manager. This position is a supervisor role dedicated to the planning, overseeing, and executing of projects. This role often requires an advanced project management course and has the potential to make around $100,000 after more experience is gained.

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