5 Ways Your Company Can Attract the Best Construction Talent

It’s tougher than ever to find skilled construction professionals amid the industry’s current labor shortage. Here are the top five ways your company can attract the best construction talent.

An ongoing worker shortage in the construction industry is making the recruitment and retainment of skilled construction professionals more critical than ever.

With multiple companies fighting over a scarce resource, you must position your organization as the best place to be for these highly sought-after employees. Here are the top five ways to do that.

5 Ways Your Company Can Attract the Best Construction Talent

Workers are the lifeblood of any good company. This is doubly true for the construction industry, where skilled hard workers can separate you from the competition and help secure lucrative contracts.

But it’s becoming much tougher to fill the vacancies that baby boomers are leaving open as they retire. Once again, this is especially true for industrial or construction-based organizations, as millennials and Gen Zers continue to flock to colleges instead of taking up skilled apprenticeships.

With only so many skilled workers to go around, your company needs to make its case for being the best option. Here are the top five ways you can do that, so you secure the best construction talent currently out there.

1. A streamlined hiring process: If your hiring process is slow and filled with delayed responses to candidates, you can bet your competition is taking advantage of this. Since skilled construction professionals are in high demand, they likely have numerous opportunities available to them as they search for a new job. Having a streamlined and efficient hiring process can help you secure your talents before someone else does.

2. Extremely competitive compensation: Long gone are the days of making a low offer with the hope of snagging a top worker at a cheap rate. Before you put anything on paper, ask yourself if the offer you are making is in line with securing the services of a highly talented worker. If it isn’t, don’t expect them to sign on the dotted line. The cost of hiring a subpar worker will surely be greater than the $10,000 to $20,000 more in base salary you could have offered a top-notch one.

3. On-the-job training: If you put in place on-the-job training programs for your company, it will benefit both your current and future employees. Most skilled construction professionals view career advancement as an important factor in their decision-making process. Having a program tailored to these goals could be the thing that tips the scales in your favor.

4. Highlight your impressive projects: Highly skilled construction workers want to work on the most impressive projects out there. They have amassed great experience and want to showcase their talents by completing projects that are high in stature. Make sure you highlight all the valuable projects your company has accomplished, and be sure to let them know which remarkable ones are on the horizon.

5. Always be honest: It’s important to find out what truly motivates a sought-after construction worker and to communicate honestly with them about what you can provide. Even if that means coming up short in certain aspects of your offer. If you mislead a candidate and quickly find out the job is not as advertised, you can rest assured they will have no problem finding another one. Try to identify some ways that you can differentiate your opportunity from that of other construction companies, and if you make any promises during the recruitment phase, be sure to follow through on them.

Make Recruitment a Major Priority

By using the five tips listed above to recruit and secure the services of in-demand construction workers, you can separate yourself from the competition and better achieve your organizational goals. It’s a tough time for recruiting top construction talent. Make sure you are doing everything you can to hire team members that will help you be successful.

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What is a skilled worker in construction?

The term ‘skilled worker’ can have many different meanings in the construction industry. Typically, it means they have certain abilities, experience, and training that separates them from their counterparts. Welders, carpenters, plumbers, and heavy equipment operators are but a few of the many job types that can be referred to as skilled construction workers.

 What skills do construction workers have?

One of the main skills most construction workers possess is strength and stamina. Other skills include hand-eye coordination and dexterity, technological and tool-based knowledge, math and reading, and engineering and building knowledge. Great communication and memory skills are also important.

What is the highest paid construction worker?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, elevator installers and repairers are the highest-paid workers in construction with a median salary of $84,990 per year.



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