5 Huge Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Your Hiring Needs

Recruitment and hiring have become a complex problem for most businesses, construction ones included. Here are the five main benefits your company can expect from enlisting the experts at a staffing agency to help with your hiring needs. 

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of skilled workers in the American construction industry. This has led to intense competition amongst construction companies who are looking to secure the services of the most talented workers out there.

This fierce competition has made it extremely tough for in-house recruitment departments to meet their organization's needs. As a result, staffing agencies are gaining prominence and becoming more important for large employers who specialize in industrial or construction-based work.

Here are the five main reasons why construction staffing agencies are best suited for your construction company’s hiring needs, and what you can expect from working with one.

5 Huge Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency for Your Hiring Needs

One of the main reasons America is currently facing a shortage of skilled construction workers has to do with the importance that has been placed on college. High schools are keen to put their students into universities, as this is one of the main metrics with which they are judged.

This approach, however, overlooks the fact that not all students are well-suited for college. Many would do better working with their hands and moving around all day as opposed to sitting at a desk from nine to five.

The result? Construction companies and those that work in the oil and gas and industrial sectors are left without a large talent pool to choose workers from, with the problem becoming even more pronounced as baby boomers begin to exit the workforce in droves. Given the crumbling state of infrastructure in the United States, this problem has implications beyond the foremost challenge of finding talented workers for construction companies.

But for the time being, these companies need skilled workers and they need them now. Staffing agencies that specialize in construction job placement can solve that problem.

Here are five other significant benefits they can provide to the companies who decide to work with them for their hiring needs.

1. Reduces costs: You may think that using a staffing agency for your hiring needs will increase your costs, but in reality, it will actually lower them. That’s because you won’t have to spend any time or money on advertising job postings, conducting pre-employment screening or testing, along with interviewing candidates and verifying their credentials and experience. The staffing agency does all that for you.

2. Fills vacancies faster: It takes on average about one month to hire a qualified candidate for an entry-level position. This timeframe increases substantially when the vacancy is for a highly-skilled or specialized worker. However, what could take your in-house team months to do can be accomplished in only a few days by a staffing agency. They have a pool of candidates ready to go and can devote all their time to screening them and all the time-consuming paperwork that accompanies recruitment.

3. Provides access to a larger talent pool: If you choose a staffing agency that specializes in industrial or construction worker placement or direct-to-hire services, then you get to tap all their resources and put them to work for your company. This includes the large talent pool they’ve amassed over the years, with a wide assortment of specialists and highly skilled workers that can help your organization achieve its goals quicker.

4. Improved flexibility: There are a lot of short-term projects that take place in the industries of oil and gas or construction. Using a staffing agency to source workers can help you remove the obligation of being committed to workers for an extended period, which is especially useful when things are slow for your company. You can also ‘test drive’ new hires even if they have been put in a permanent role, allowing you to see if they are a good fit for your organization before having to commit to them further.

5. Fewer failed hirings: There’s nothing worse for a company than to have expended serious amounts of time and money into hiring a candidate, only to see them fail in their position. Because staffing agencies are highly attuned to what is going on within a given sector, they know what to look for when it comes to filling vacancies with highly-skilled workers who are most likely to succeed. This reduces the likelihood that your company will suffer a major setback due to a new hire not meeting your expectations or fulfilling their duties competently.

The Right Staffing Agency Is an Invaluable Asset

From reducing your overall costs to finding the perfect worker for a specialized role, staffing agencies that specialize in construction jobs or industrial placements can be a huge asset to your organization. As an extension of your existing HR department, they can also free up your in-house team to work on more critical matters that are better aligned with your operational and strategic objectives.

If you need help hiring skilled workers for your company, please feel free to contact us today by calling (262) 298-0026 or by filling out our online contact form. Our pool of one million talented workers across all major sectors can help your company fill its vacancies fast with highly-qualified candidates.


What industries do staffing agencies place candidates in?

Staffing agencies place workers in industries of all types. One of the most prominent industries would be construction, as construction staffing has become extremely competitive given the current worker shortage.

Can you just walk into a staffing agency?

You certainly can! However, we recommend making an appointment ahead of time so we can find a recruiter who specializes in your given industry. This will make your visit more efficient, cutting down on the time you have to wait.

Does a staffing agency take money from your paycheck?

No. At least reputable ones don’t. The staffing agency receives fees for their services from the company that has engaged them for their hiring needs.



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