4 Top Construction Staffing Trends To Watch In 2021

4 Top Construction Staffing Trends To Watch In 2021

The construction industry has been hard hit in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This sector is heavily dependent on the general economic health of the nation and is extremely sensitive to economic cycles. But the construction industry is also uniquely positioned to rebound favorably thanks to its ability to create jobs and the planned recovery investments in infrastructure. As we look forward to a post-pandemic economy, there are some interesting and emerging trends in construction to watch in 2021.

A Framework For Staffing Solutions

There are some new and compelling trends in construction to watch for in 2021. They highlight a bright and promising road ahead for the industry. But these trends also emphasize the need for construction employers to prepare themselves with an adaptable and highly skilled workforce to leverage these opportunities and optimize their operations to achieve growth in the year to come. Wide Effect builds solutions for companies in the construction sector to address staffing challenges and engineer their workforce for the highest probabilities of success.

What Is Developing in 2021?

Modular and Offsite Construction

The modular construction market is forecasting a growth in value to almost $110 billion by 2025. This sector offers the ability to build quickly, efficiently, and within any budget structure. Modular building has pivoted effectively over the course of the pandemic to address the need for health care satellite facilities (urgent care clinics, laboratories, and testing centers) and safer spaces for hospitality services. Modular projects also allow employers to monitor employee safety in a controlled environment with quality ventilation and the ability to adhere to social distancing requirements. 

What this means for employers: Modular projects can streamline the building process, saving time and money. Employers need to focus on building a highly specialized workforce to meet the methodical and systematic demands of modular building.

Remote Worksite And Mobile Access
There is unprecedented access to worksites thanks to emerging mobile applications. Measurements can be taken with mobile devices, real-time inspections can be conducted with an off-site inspector, and project leads can monitor productivity and workflow at remote locations virtually. Technology is changing the need for all personnel to be at a project site. This is a game-changer in light of the pandemic mandates to physically distance, maintain safe building capacity levels, and limit contact with machinery and equipment. 

What this means for employers: Companies hoping to remain competitive through the economic recovery will need to rethink the way they staff for projects. A new mindset of flexibility in where and how employees can work is required. Employers will need to focus on building a workforce that is accountable and self-motivated when the traditional model of supervision is not in place.

Rising Material Costs
Lumber, steel, and copper are soaring in cost. But all construction materials, from plastics to cement, are more expensive than ever. Driven by natural disasters (wildfires), rising demand, supply shortages, and transportation challenges, rising material costs are impacting construction project’s bottom line and there are no indications this will change soon. 

What this means for employers: Rising material costs are hurting profitability for many projects. Companies have to initiate cost-saving measures wherever possible. One area to significantly streamline spending is staffing. Expensive recruiting processes, failed hires, gaps in productivity, and interruptions to workflow will all impact profits. Focus on a workforce that addresses all skill needs with employees who will stay for the long haul.

Increased Need For A Skilled Workforce
Finding and retaining highly skilled and experienced employees continue to be challenging for construction companies. But the demand for high-quality labor staff and competent and knowledgeable executives is growing, and the market is extremely competitive. The industry is struggling to appeal to certain demographics like women and younger workers and will need to pivot to diversify its workforce and leverage the skills and talents available outside of the traditional employee profile. 

What this means for employers: Construction companies need strategies to reach a wider pool of talent to meet the growing demand for quality employees. Partnering with a recruiting and staffing agency can give these companies access to a vast network of skilled and accomplished candidates. Companies can also work collaboratively to change the image of the construction industry with innovative and generous compensation packages that will attract the level of talent and the caliber of employee needed to build a robust workforce.

Blueprint For Recovery

These trends suggest an exciting and promising road ahead for companies in the construction industry. To leverage these emerging opportunities, companies must arm themselves with an open mind, an eye to the future, and a strong workforce. Wide Effect is committed to providing Talent Acquisition Solutions for construction companies seeking to rebound and accelerate operations in the year ahead. Our team has over 60 years of experience matching top talent and the nation’s most sought-after employers in Construction, Energy, Safety, and Oil & Gas. Connect with Wide Effect and together we can build a strategy to take your company to the next level in 2021. 


Q: We are a small company but are forecasting a year of notable growth. How can we prepare?
A: Wide Effect offers a comprehensive service to assess your current operations and analyze your needs, create a solution customized for you, and help you build your workforce as you fortify for the anticipated growth. Learn more about how we can help here.

Q: Will using a staffing agency cost me more? 
A: Partnering with an experienced recruiting agency will actually save you money by reducing your cost-per-hire, eliminating costs associated with unsuccessful hires, minimizing interruptions to workflow and productivity, and freeing up your personnel resources to focus on more effective tasks.

Q: What characteristics should I look for when recruiting a candidate?
A: Wide Effect can help you build a profile for each employee you seek, but also assess the overall health of your workforce to address any gaps in talent and productivity. We can then provide a pool of candidates from our robust network that will be an ideal fit for your organization



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