3 Trends in Oil and Gas That Will Shape Staffing in 2021

3 Trends in Oil and Gas That Will Shape Staffing in 2021

Oil & Gas is one of North America's leading economic forces. But the industry is facing several challenges. Production, transportation, carbon emission limits, and health, safety, and security concerns are just some of the barriers the industry needs to overcome. Companies wishing to remain relevant and successful in the years ahead need to bolster and secure their processes and fortify their workforces.

Strategies For Today and Tomorrow

The oil and gas industry is evolving. As the US and players around the world position themselves to recover and thrive after the health, environmental, and socio-economic challenges of 2020, we see several interesting trends emerging. Here we will focus on three of the trends that experts have recognized and discuss the impacts of these shifts on staffing.

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Three Trends of 2021 In Oil And Gas

Employee Health And Safety

Although always an important consideration in oil and gas workplaces, there is an increased focus on employee well-being in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two emerging trends we can expect to see are:

  • Adherence to Health/Social mandates on the worksite: Social distancing, masking, sanitation, air quality, and screening protocols are vital deliberations for employers whether in-office, onsite, or in remote camp scenarios.
  • Wearable Technologies: These exciting developments are increasing employers' abilities to meet and exceed employee safety by using augmented and virtual reality to access worksites and remote or dangerous areas. The bonus: when employees do not need to be physically present in a specific location, the available pool of qualified talent becomes virtually.
Increased Labor Costs/Skills Shortages

Rapidly increasing technological needs, an aging workforce, and an abundance of opportunities in the industry have left many employers struggling to build and maintain a sufficiently skilled labor force. For companies needing to attract and retain adequately trained or specialized talent, they will need to consider:

  • Upskilling their existing workforce
  • Streamlining hiring and onboarding to save resources lost to failed hires
  • Programs to attract younger talent to the industry
  • Competitive and attractive compensation packages

Many oil and gas companies are exploring the possibilities for automation in their workflow. Robotics can be utilized in wastewater disposal, drill pipes, machinery repair, and more. The benefit of automation is a reduction of labor costs and an increase in productivity, but this progression will also require employers to shift and refine their labor force. These shifts include streamlining staff to have more specific roles and expanding their workforce to include engineers, mechanics, and software specialists to support the new technologies.  

Your Partners in Staffing Now And For The Future

The oil and gas companies that will emerge successful in 2021 and beyond are those that are diligently working to build a strong, skilled, adaptable, and dependant workforce. One of the best strategies is to partner with a staffing company that delivers knowledgeable and reliable talent acquisition solutions. Wide Effect has more than 25 years in the industry providing completely customized guidance and results for companies to attract and retain their industry’s top talent. To find the best candidates to take your company through 2021 and into the next evolution of oil and gas, partner with the team at Wide Effect. Contact us now by calling 1 (833) 493-5627 or filling out our online contact form.



Q: Where are you located?
A: Our Wide Effect headquarters are located in Wisconsin, but we provide staffing solutions and service through all 50 states and we have a nationwide database of top oil and gas talent from labor to executive level.

Q: I have heard that using an oil and gas staffing company will cost a lot of money.
A: Using a staffing company like Wide Effect can actually save you money by streamlining your recruiting and hiring process, reducing costs associated with failed hires, and freeing up your existing staff to focus on more important tasks.



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