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Through its Managed Services Provider program, Wide Effect will: 

  • Provide the most cost-effective and value-driven solutions in support of the organization’s Contingent Labor Workforce.
  • Be the Single Point of Contact for clients regarding all Workforce Needs.
  • Streamline the organization’s Contingent Labor Workforce, driving down cost, increasing transparency, and optimizing your Leadership’s valuable time.
  • Work with Strategic Suppliers to ensure continuity in Agreements and Pricing.
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Savings Opportunities

  • Streamlined Pricing Set by Organization, not by Vendors.
  • Ability to Hire Contingent Labor Craftspeople after 90 days.
  • Control and Continuity of Traveler Rates.
  • Single Consolidated Invoice to save time for your administrative staff.
  • Discounted Pricing from Wide Effect’s Direct Placement Services.
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Communication and Coordination

As a Managed Services Provider, a key component of Wide Effect’s services is effective and structured communication and coordination.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Weekly regional conference calls with Hiring Managers to discuss open positions, and review candidate submittals.
  • Wide Effect Coordinator for each Region to provide concise updates on all Contingent Labor needs.
  • Weekly conference calls with Regional Strategic Suppliers to provide updates on Contingent Labor Needs and Feedback.
  • Utilization and implementation of Vendor Management Software for all Strategic Suppliers to have Realtime updates, and the ability to submit resumes for open requisitions.
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Strategic Supplier Agreements

Wide Effect will:

  • Enter into an exclusive agreement for Workforce Staffing with the client.
  • Evaluate the needs of clients and screen /engage Recruitment & Contingent Labor Partners for support.
  • Vendors will sign an Agreement with Wide Effect (on behalf of the client).
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Payments & Pricing

  • The client will receive one single weekly invoice from Wide Effect for all Contingent Labor Costs.
  • All Vendors will be on the same pricing matrix providing transparency, allowing you the ability to track pricing across suppliers and locations precisely.
  • Rates will have a Geographic Adjustment that controls the cost of travellers.
  • All Geographic Rate Adjustments must be pre-approved.
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Contingent Labor Management

Wide Effect has the breadth of perspectives and depth of experience to provide strategic advice to help achieve optimal and sustainable results. By taking advantage of our experience, assets, and advanced technologies, Wide Effect will help align your planning and decision-making at strategic, operational and tactical levels. Our Vendor Management Service will deploy our tailored system that will enable effective and efficient processes to optimize your contingent labor vendors. We will assume the role as your central staffing provider, and work together to create continuity in contract terms & pricing while providing clients with a Single Point of Contact Nationally for all surge labor needs.

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Legal Employer of Record

A strategic partnership with WIDE EFFECT offers clients the tools, support, and flexibility for explosive growth with tangible benefits. As an Employer of Record, Wide Effect will assume the responsibility of Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation and USL&H Claims. We will shift your costly and time-consuming administrative functions to our staff significantly saving you on overhead costs. Additionally, we’ve created a tailored strategy to exponentially decrease health benefit costs, without reducing coverage. Wide Effect’s extensive workforce enables high-level relationships with major insurance underwriters, which ensures the best possible rates on all required coverages, this savings will be passed on to your organization.

A Better Way to Recruit

Are you experiencing productivity challenges, skill gaps in your workforce, or do you need a short-term placement? Don't waste your time and money navigating these alone. We bring the process, experience, and placement successes you need to make your labor force concerns a thing of the past. Call us at 1 (833) 493-5627 or use the contact form to discuss your personalized staffing solution.

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